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Libera Animo - "Free soul" in Esperanto language


Let our jewelry speak for us.


Passion and love for jewelry and natural stones brought us to the idea of even thinking about starting a business. What actually inspired us is the opportunity to help other people.


Our goal is to help all those artisans we work with. Then, we want to help our customers wearing jewelry they deserve, high quality and affordable. And last but not least, what really drives us to succeed is the idea of helping children in need.


Our jewelry is not ordinary jewelry, it is not just a piece of shiny metal on your body. With our jewelry we bring life energy, positive vibes, feeling of acceptance, affiliation, healing, and love.


Here at Libera Animo, it is all about giving back. We care about you, your feelings, your warm messages, your love for us. Yes, we want you to love us. We thrive on positive emotions. Emotions that inspire us to give back to those who cannot afford a better life, education, basic needs, etc...


Considering we are a new brand, we need your help. When we reach sustainable income, we are ready to donate $1 from each purchase to the children in need of proper pre-school education and empowering children worldwide through social and economic initiatives. 


Let's get started! Have a nice shopping!