Shipping Policy

Dear customers,

In the name of the Libera Animo team, we would like to give you hands up about shipping delays in these difficult times for all of us.

Our couriers updated us regarding the delivery conditions, which are not so great, considering the COVID-19 situation.

We are doing our best to deliver your parcels as soon as possible to you.


Let us give you some insight regarding shipping:

1.  Shipping times

     At Libera Animo, we’re super excited to have fans all across the world! For our international customers, please note that standard shipping takes 7-23 business days for an order to arrive, plus the processing and handling time it takes to prep your order in our warehouse.

     Express shipping is available. We offer the express shipping option for free for all purchases of more than $90. Of course, you can choose this option even if you do not spend this amount, but we do not recommend it as our carriers charge a lot in most cases, and we want to keep our products affordable for our customers. Express shipping time takes 3-10 business days.

2.  My order hasn't arrived yet

     While some parcels can arrive early, some others may experience shipping delays, or you may live in a more isolated region from where we sent our items from. If it does not arrive within 7 weeks upon ordering, we can offer you a full refund.

3.   Tracking order

      We know you are super excited about the new Libera Animo jewelry you've just bought, so we arrange an order tracking option. You can find it on our Home page or follow this link.

      If your tracking information hasn’t been updated for 2-3 days, don’t worry, that’s totally normal! Occasionally there will be delays in shipping, so you might not see an update on your tracking for a few more days. If your package hasn’t moved in 7 days, contact us by sending a message through the contact form or sending an email to, and we can help locate your package!

4.  My package is missing! What should I do?

     Still haven’t received your order even though your order status says “delivered”? Try checking with your neighbors first, to make sure the package didn’t get delivered to their house instead. Sometimes, mail carriers leave packages at nearby doors by mistake (oops!).

     Occasionally carriers will mark packages as "Delivered" before they've actually left the package at your address. Typically they show up within 24-48 hours after being marked as "Delivered", so hang tight for a day or two!

5.   When will my order ship?

     We know you want your new Libera Animo products ASAP (can’t blame you), so we typically ship orders within 3-5 business days after the order is placed.

      All orders ship Monday – Friday, excluding weekends and official holidays.